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“Would you want that in your house?”

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We build it right the first time. Here at Renaissance Construction of WI, Inc., we pride ourselves in construction techniques, materials and tradesman we use to insure your home will have long lasting value. Below is a list of products and building techniques we use in which we keep as a standard in our homes. We personally feel these products and building techniques are superior when building a home in order to fulfill our mission of providing a level of workmanship and craftsmanship in which we would only accept in our own home.

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Energy Star Home:

The increased knowledge of energy efficient appliances, home building products and practices has allowed society to help preserve the environment while protecting a homeowner’s wallet. Cost savings throughout the years of “energy efficiency” means money back in your pocket where it belongs as well as limiting greenhouse gas emissions from the energy used. We have dedicated ourselves to becoming Energy Star Builders to help preserve the environment as well as your savings.

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Radon Mitigation System:

Radon is the number one cause of lung cancer among non-smokers, according to EPA estimates. Overall, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Radon is responsible for about 21,000 lung cancer deaths every year. Radon may not be prevalent in all areas in which we build. However, due to the increased risk of exposure leading to lung cancer, we decided that a radon mitigation system is a necessity in all of the homes we build unless a homeowner decides not to have one. This is a standard feature of ours that you will most likely not find with any other builder in the area!

“What Would You Want in Your House?”

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Poured Concrete Walls:

If built correctly, both poured and block basement walls can equally provide for a strong and dry basement. We use poured concrete basement walls with a brick pattern on the interior surface for many reasons:

  • Poured concrete walls have fewer joints than block walls. Joints and seams have the potential of allowing water infiltration, drafts, and insects inside the home.
  • With the poured wall contractor we use, we are confident our walls are square and level. This is a very important first step for building the foundation for a square and level home.
  • The walls are poured solid giving them a high strength with lateral loads and forces. With the growing demand for higher basement walls we feel this is key.
  • We have had good experience with the construction time it takes to build a poured concrete basement.

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Platon Waterproofing Systems:

Platon is a tough, waterproof, double dimpled, high-density polyethylene plastic membrane that keeps wet soil away from the foundation wall. The dimples create an air gap between the wall and the waterproof membrane. Any water that does find its way past the membrane flows to the footing drain. As an added benefit, (if Platon is not used as protection for spray applied products) wall moisture condenses on the back of the membrane and flows to the footing drain. This dries out the wall in a way that no other technology can match.

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Dow SIS (Structural Insulated Sheathing) (5.5 R-value)

DOW STYROFOAM SIS™ Brand Structural Insulated Sheathing combines structural lateral bracing and transverse load, insulation and water-resistive barrier properties. This sheathing can be used as braced wall panels integrated with other rigid insulated sheathing, or it can serve as continuous structural insulated sheathing over the entire wall line.

The major advantage we have discovered with this product is the limited use of OSB or Plywood for braced walls. ½” OSB or Plywood limits the R-value of an exterior wall. The use of SIS maximizes a continuous R-value of 5.5 throughout the entire perimeter of the exterior, where the ½” OSB or Plywood only allows an R-value of 0.62.

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I-Joist Floor System:

We believe the use of an I-Joist floor system is superior to dimensional lumber for many reasons:

  • Helps reduce the potentials of squeaks
  • Ability to create longer spans and minimize the use of steel I-beams and posts
  • Dimensional lumber can have a tendency to have floor variations in height, where I-Joists have the same height on all joists to eliminate “humps” in the floor
  • Allows mechanical friendly joists cavities
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Top Notch Floor Sheathing:

Engineered specifically for sub-flooring applications, LP® TopNotch® Sub-Flooring features a patented RainChannel™ technology that protects against moisture absorption and edge swell. LP TopNotch is the only family of sub-flooring that offers three performance solutions. Each provides a different combination of strength and moisture resistance levels.

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James Hardie Cement Board Siding

James Hardie fiber cement siding is designed to last for up to 50 years against cracking, rotting, hail damage, termites and many other possible problems. The siding is primed on all sides prior to installation, and paint ready for any color or tone that may be desired. Hardie fiber cement board is the leader of the fiber cement lap siding technology and we are proud to use this product on all of the homes we build.

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MiraTEC Composite Trim Boards:

Miratec trim is a product treated with zinc borate. This product can excel in any season and under all conditions our climate may have to offer. Because MiraTEC trim is specially treated, it's more cost-effective over time than redwood, cedar, fir or poplar. MiraTEC trim lasts longer and holds paint better than natural products such as cedar. MiraTEC is factory-primed on four sides and is uniformly thick and dense with no voids or knots while maintaining a consistent cedar grain appearance. The ability to last the expected life expectancy depends primarily on proper installation and finishing of the product. Renaissance Construction insures both proper installation and finishing.

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Completely Caulked Exterior:

We believe having a completely caulked exterior with the products we use helps eliminate water and insect infiltration within a home. It also gives a cleaner, more professional look to the home.

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Raised Truss Heels:

The design of a home’s roof trusses is a commonly overlooked area that can help save money on heating and cooling bills in a home. A truss heel is located above all exterior walls of a home. Properly insulated attics extend insulation into this area. A standard truss heel is under 4” high, then subtract 2" required for proper attic ventilation space and you are left with 2" of protection from freezing temperatures. The perimeter of your home is left with approximately an insulation value of R-8 in comparison to your attic which has approximately R-50 and your walls may have an R-18. Lack of proper insulation can lead to condensation, ice damming and possibly mold. We use raised truss heels (sometimes referred to as energy heels) of an 8” min. to insure proper attic insulation.

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R50 Blown Ceilings:

We believe to maximize the use of blown insulation in all attic spaces in order to prevent higher energy costs. This can be a commonly overlooked area that will go undetected until there may be a concern why an energy bill is so high.

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8’ High Garage Insulated Garage Doors:

Question: Do I need an 8'-0" high garage door?

Answer: Maybe not right now, but what future vehicle purchase might you make. We choose to include an 8'-0" high garage door in all the homes we build. Relative to the cost of the garage, it's a small cost. If your new SUV or boat doesn't fit below the garage door, then what is the value of the garage to you.

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Aluminum Clad on Front Door and Service Door Frames:

Having a maintenance free aluminum clad window frame is standard in all of our homes. So why wouldn’t we do the same for the frames of our doors?

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Total Kohler Home:

Kohler is a renowned leader in the kitchen and bathroom products industry. We are proud to use Kohler products as a standard in our homes.

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Copper Water Lines:

Copper water lines have many benefits compared to plastic water lines. The professional look of copper and the resistance of noise when hot water is called for by a plumbing fixture are features we feel are important to the integrity of a home. We believe copper water lines are the best fit for our vision of a properly built home.

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5” Seamless Gutters and 4” Downspouts:

We use 4" downspouts in all our homes for added protection from clogging, freezing and overflow. During a 1/4" rainfall the roof surface of a 2000 sq. ft. ranch home may collect in the range of 576 gallons of water. Gutters and downspouts direct water away from your home. During Wisconsin's extreme conditions, we want the homes we build to be protected.

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Deadbolts on All Exterior Swinging Doors:

One of the best ways to prevent a break-in to a home is to install deadbolts on all exterior doors. Installing deadbolts on all exterior swinging doors is a standard in our homes in order to increase the sense of security to a home. We proudly use Schlage Hardware in our homes.

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On-Site Job Hung Doors:

Pre-hung doors are made in a factory on an assembly line which can limit direct quality control. We router, mortise and hang all the interior doors of our homes on site. This provides us with the confidence the doors have been installed by a true craftsmen for better performance.

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Custom Cabinetry:

Custom-built cabinets are advantageous for many reasons:

  • Our cabinet maker uses only quality and lasting materials.
  • The cabinets are built locally.
  • Custom cabinets can be fully designed for a space and not limited specific dimensions.
  • We include staggered depths of cabinets in our base price. The standard depths of the cabinets are 14” & 16”. Pre-made “box cabinets” come standard 12” deep. Our cabinets allow for the larger serving items such as bowls or serving plates to fit adequately.
  • Custom cabinets can be designed to meet any personal and functional needs.
  • Custom cabinets can be stained or painted to an unlimited number of colors and finishes to match any existing furniture or architectural details in your home.
  • Custom cabinets add value to the home.
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Kitchen Range Vented to the Exterior:

Whether a range hood, space-saver microwave, cook-top or any other applicable kitchen appliance is installed, it should be properly vented to the outside. A kitchen ventilation system plays a significant role in the indoor air quality of your home by exhausting stale air filled with grease, moisture, and odor out of the room. We vent all applicable kitchen appliances we install to the outside.

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Power Vent Water Heater:

B-venting a water heater can lead to unnecessary heat loss within a home. By using direct vent technology, we can assure that we are not having a constant heat loss in a home simply just to exhaust a water heater.

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Carbon Monoxide Detector on Each Floor:

We believe in the importance of detecting carbon monoxide on all levels of a home, not just the basement level.

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Type of Contractors/Vendors We Use:

A builder’s choice in contractors can affect the cost of a home.
All builders have the option of using "cheaper labor" to lower building costs and increase profits. "Cheap labor" refers to lack of experience, professionalism, craftsmanship and business legitimacy. Caution is advised. Having been in the building industry for quite some time, we know this may result in:

  • untimely service
  • messy work sites
  • high levels of error
  • poor quality and techniques
  • short cuts just to complete a project
  • a home that just will not last

“Cheaper labor” can leave a home with patch work, repairs, and a lower value. Poor workmanship hidden behind the paint will eventually show itself. In the end it will cost the homeowner. “Would you want that in your house?”

Renaissance Construction of WI Inc. will only use contractors which are true professionals which are fully educated within their trade. Contractors dedicated to doing their job right the first time. We only use contractors that will stand firmly behind their work and share the same philosophy of honesty and integrity as ours.

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Architectural Control:

Most subdivisions and some cities have some form of an architectural committee. The basic purpose of this committee is to preserve the aesthetic value and appearance of the structures built within the subdivision and/or city. The goal is to maintain neighborhoods to the highest standards applicable which can help property values. Prior to construction, a home plan is submitted to the committee. Based on guidelines the committee must follow, it will approve or disapprove the building plans and specifications. If disapproved, the home needs to be modified to comply with the committees standards which may add cost to the home.

It is sometimes difficult to predict if a home plan will be approved or disapproved. At, Renaissance Construction of WI, we have our own high standards when it comes to the aesthetic value of the homes we build. Many of the guidelines an Architectural Control Committee follows, we as a standard practice, incorporate into all of our homes. This helps to eliminate some of the "surprise" added costs you may incur. We include as a standard in our homes:

  • Some accenting brick or stone work
  • Hardie Plank cement board siding (generally accepted natural material requirement)
  • 6" MiraTEC corner boards on all elevations of the home, not just the front
  • Consistent window exterior treatments and trim work on all elevations of the home, not just the front. (shutters on the front = shutters on all elevations and/or 6" MiraTEC window trim on the front = 6" MiraTEC window trim on all elevations
  • If the home has window grids, they are included on all elevations, not just the front
  • 30 year dimensional roof shingles
  • Architectural Details based on and consistent with the design of the home. (decorative vents, arched trim work, frieze boards, detailed porch posts, styled garage doors, header trim, sill trim, key stones and many other features)
  • All elevations are designed to hold aesthetic value. In other words, no blank walls void of nothing but siding.
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